Home Italian News The fires in Greece and the importance of women in the workplace

The fires in Greece and the importance of women in the workplace

The fires in Greece and the importance of women in the workplace

In Greece, fires destroyed large land areas, human properties and parts of our past.

Help is arriving from many parts of the world, in every possible way, but unfortunately in our case we have the role of observer in everything that happens.

We see difficult images every day, people living their homes, others staying to fight, exhausted firefighters.

In front of a television we cry with them and many times we feel that we don’t have the right to feel this pain.

Journalists in an attempt to give a more realistic picture of the situation, they interview people who are trying to protect their villages or those who has already lost their homes.

In one of these cases, a reporter was trying to interview a man who was watering his house to prevent it from catching fire. The interviewee was breathing hard due to the smoke that had already reached the area. Putting aside the fact that she was live on TV, the reporter started looking for a mask in her bag. Seeing this gesture, the interviewee began to cry in front of her saying thank you. The journalist hugged him crying.

This video went viral on TV, sites and social networks because it expresses well the sadness we all feel for what is happening even if it does not concern us directly.

But in this episode there is also another aspect to consider, which goes beyond the fires and the tragedy that Greece is experiencing in these hours. The reporter is a woman who started crying in her workplace. And in the society that we live in, the sign of emotion while working is often considered unprofessional. But is it really so?

In reality, what happened between these two people is an important example to understand how fundamental is the woman presence in the workplace. Not the women who is behaving like a man to feel more accepted, but for those who respect all their characteristics, such as sensitivity (the journalist sees a person who suffers and try to help him) or maternal instinct (the journalist looks for a mask for the interviewee). These are behaviors that make a work environment more humane and therefore more productive for everyone.

Extending the concept, we can affirm that the best group result in a workplace is not obtained if there are only males or females in the office, only young or only elderly, only graduates or only poorly educated, but by combining these differences.

Women should overcome the mentality that forces them to behave like men in order to be accepted, instead of bringing out all these beautiful and unique characteristicas, just as the Greek journalist did. An example that show us how important it is for collective growth to have women in all types of work environments.


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