Home Spanish News The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 26-28 January 2024 • The Canary News

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 26-28 January 2024 • The Canary News

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 26-28 January 2024 • The Canary News

Valsequillo de Gran Canaria is celebrating this year the 51st “Ruta del Almendrero en Flor“, Almond Blossom Route Festival. The main days of festivities are Saturday & Sunday. 

One of the most traditional celebrations in the Canary Islands takes place throughout the rural municipality located in the northeastern mountains of Gran Canaria, about 20 20-minute drive up from Telde or a half-hour bus ride.  Just 1 hour from the southern beaches by car.

The beginning of the almond trees blossoming completely changes the landscape of Valsequillo creating a wonderful natural spectacle. To celebrate the beautiful picture of pink and white flowers in the municipality, since 1971, the Almond Tree Blossom Route is held every year at the end of January.

The climate is changing and rising temperatures and drought are also changing the landscape of islands like Gran Canaria. Despite this, like every year, although still timidly, Valsequillo begins to cover itself with that natural mantle of white and pink flowers that the Almendreros en Flor paints on its slopes. A spectacle that nature gives us and that the citizens of the municipality celebrate with a great Canarian festival.

In fact, it was the first pagan festival on the island of Gran Canaria and, for one weekend, it became a deeply rooted popular manifestation that was born from the citizens and has to do with that feeling of pride and belonging to this land. And it is that these are celebrations where there is no shortage of folklore, gastronomy, sports, and native games, crafts, zero kilometer products, etc., which will once again fill the streets of the Canarian town next weekend

SATURDAY 27 JANUARY: The Almond Blossom Festival in Tenteniguada, “Día de Turista” 

This well-attended event in the tiny traditional mountain village above Valsequillo offers plenty to do and see including a traditional street market and traditional artisans, folkloric performances and Canarian music, tastings of various typical Canarian dishes, and a range of indigenous games.


In Tenteniguada:
at 10:30 stalls will open
at 11:00 performances by music groups
at 13:00 tasting of potaje de berros, paella, garbanzada, and other typical dishes.

In La Barrera: 
at 10:00 market and popular barbeque opens at Parque Miguelto Calderín.

SUNDAY 28 JANUARY: Valsequillo Casco, Las Vegas, La Barrera, and in Tenteniguada.

On the main day of the festival, Valsequillo will show the best of Canarian culture with an artisan craft show and a livestock exhibition. In addition, once again this year, the Trilla exhibition will be held in the Las Vegas neighbourhood, while in the La Barrera neighbourhood you can visit the antique museum and the agricultural market, all accompanied by Canarian folklore and gastronomy.

A route that year after year exceeds the participation forecasts in which visitors will have the opportunity to discover an authentic Canarian festival that is financed by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.


In Valsequillo centre:
at 10:00 Inauguration of the Artisan Craft market. ( The pedestrian area, Avenida Juan Carlos I and Calle Isla de Tenerife.)
at 10:00 music at Plaza Tifaritti
at 10:00 Music group will be touring around the centre and municipal market
at 11:00 Canarian folk music & dancing at Plaza de San Miguel
at 11:30 Animal exhibition at Plazoleta del Pilar
at 12:00 Around the municipal swimming pool: bull drag contest, Sheppards’ leap, Canarian wrestling and plow lifting
at 12:30 Show cooking in the pedestrian area

In Barrera: 
at 08:00 Farmers’ and Artisan Market opens at Parque Miguelito Calderín
During the morning music performances, and Antique museum visits to D. Benigno.
at 15:00 Raffle

in Las Vegas: (main street) 
at 12:00 tastings of typical food
at 14:00 Treshing exhibition on Paco Peñate terrain, in front of the social premises
at 16:00 roasted pig tastings

in Tenteniguada:
at 10:30 the stalls will open.
at 11:00 Music and dancing at Recinto Ferial (on the main street)
at 12:00 tasting of local products




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