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My Garden | Costa News

As I’m lazing on my garden seat
I see sunlight dancing through the tree
Is that an Angel’s shape or a Nymph I see?
Or is sparkling sunlight fooling me?
As the halo sun slowly sets on me
On a glorious balmy summer’s day
The moths will start flitting around
With their dancing abandoned way
As night birds serenade the shading sky
Towards the slowly coming dusk
The bats will dart around me
Wafting away their bodily musk
A cool breeze disturbs shaded leaves
With their rustle soft and clear
Hark! What is that sound
Is that a lonely owl I hear?
Gone the cooing of the pigeon
The buzz of passing bumble bee
They have settled from a busy day
For their night’s rest and tranquillity
Solar star points twinkling up above
As darkness gathers pace
A clear silent sky above me
Transforms into spangled lace
This day I am now leaving
Was pleasant clear and warm
I knew the bats would be here
I hear echoes of their swarm
A cool soft glow of moonlight
Now flitters around my back
It lights the path for nocturns
Giving back energy, now they lack
Flowers have closed up for this day
To flaunt beneath tomorrow’s sun
Or even a light shower of rain
With a grateful nod from every one
Gossamer clouds floated midst blue today
Fluffy pillows soft and white
My garden was warmly enhanced this day
Tomorrow’s colours? Yet more in sight
Will I see again more colours?
Reds, yellows, pinks or hyacinth blues
With their distinct wafted scents
Merging with their different hues
My garden now is settling down
It needs gathering strength from rest
It needs to snooze until tomorrow
To accomplish all things blessed
I have spent such a relaxing day
In my heavenly garden’s glade
Sometimes dozing in the sunlight
At times marvelling in the shade
Absorbing soft warmths of nature
During a summer’s peaceful afternoon
Reflecting on seasons passing by
All carried past too soon
As I languished in my garden
Savouring scents that nature built
Breathing nature’s coloured wonders
My senses have no tinge of guilt
Immersing myself with mother nature
In my garden, colours up my sense
But it may all change again tomorrow
Mother nature’s sometimes dark and dense
Is it too early for my bedtime?
Now like my garden I must rest
But as long waking hours numb my eyes
Sleep will succumb to my behest
As I laze in cooling semi darkness
Nearly dozing off to sleep
I really must go back indoors
A date with the Sandman I must keep

With regards
from Mick Scarles (SW19expat)

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