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‘He’s just my social media manager’

We heard rumors spread last week that former Congressman George Santos has been “spending time” with a baby-faced OnlyFans performer called Michael Doherty.

Doherty is a young man whose twin interests — if his social media presence is anything to go by — are, on the one hand, wearing underwear and, on the other, not wearing underwear.

He has nearly 100,000 followers on the X-rated streaming site, where he bills himself as “the top bad boy on OnlyFans,” and promises not only that the he’s “horny all the time,” but also that he is willing to “show whatever you want me to show.”

Santos — until recently the top bad boy in the House of Representatives — is, famously, an avid OnlyFans user.

George Santos in Congress
Former Congressman George Santons has been “spending time” with OnlyFans performer Michael Doherty. Getty Images

(Indeed, the 2023 Ethics Committee investigation into his campaign finances found that he had spent some of his war chest donation on OnlyFans subscriptions.)

But the scuttlebutt around town had suggested that Santos might have been doing more than just logging into Doherty’s portal.

When we reached him for comment, Santos staunchly denied any romantic connection.

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The gentleman from Long Island told Page Six: “Mr. Doherty owns a managing company for social media creators called Vizie, and I have engaged them to manage my social media portfolio.”

He added, somewhat archly, “My relationship with him starts and ends there.”

It should perhaps be noted that Santos is, of course, a liar.

George Santos
Santos staunchly denied any romantic connection when reached for comment. Getty Images

His web-cam work aside, Doherty does indeed have an impressive knack for social media: He does cheeky man-on-the-street style interviews that have won him around 250,000 followers on Instagram alone.

But the Vizie Media account appears to have just 285 followers, and seems to have made its first posts last month.

In September, Santos claimed to be married to a Matheus Gerard.

Two months later, Santos became the sixth person in history to be expelled from Congress, after a web of colorful lies and exaggerations made on the campaign trail were exposed and the Ethics Committee investigation revealed the misuse of campaign funds.

He has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal fraud charges.

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