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What university students are most looking forward to this year

Meghna Jain

Meghna Jain is studying a bachelor of pharmacy at UQ this year.

Meghna Jain is studying a bachelor of pharmacy at UQ this year.Credit: Jocelyn Garcia

Meghna Jain is studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy, eager to make the most of 2024 by trying new things.

Why study in Brisbane?
I think Brisbane is up and coming. Of course Sydney and Melbourne are quite popular and busy, but Brisbane is nice. It has its little charms here and there.

This year, what do you want to do more of?
Putting myself out there more, trying new things and making the most of the year. There’s a lot of events always going on here so it’s quite nice.

How have you gone about making friends?
If you find anyone interesting, you can go up to them. It can be a bit daunting but even if you find one thing to talk about, you can hit it off. Just go with the flow – you don’t have to force anything.

Piper Lawson

Piper Lawson with her new friends Bella Labagnara, Jessica Simpson and Charley Kenny.

Piper Lawson with her new friends Bella Labagnara, Jessica Simpson and Charley Kenny.Credit: Jocelyn Garcia

Piper Lawson is studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Last year she attended an open day that cemented her dream of coming to UQ.

Why study at university?
It opens up a whole new world of opportunities. I feel like high school was very much for everyone, whereas life is now tailored to what I want to do and where I want to go with my life, so I’m very excited about that.

I’ve loved the past few days already. It’s been so good, I love meeting so many new people and branching out. It’s awesome.

How have you gone about making friends?
I’ve had the mindset that everyone’s in the same boat. We’re all here for the first time, so if you’re scared, it’s likely that everyone else is just as scared as you. You’ve just got to reach out and make those friends.

Gautam Katta

Gautam Katta is studying medicine at UQ.

Gautam Katta is studying medicine at UQ.Credit: Jocelyn Garcia

Gautam Katta is no stranger to university – he’s returning to UQ this year to complete his post-graduate Doctorate of Medicine.

Why study at UQ?
Back when I first got in, I wasn’t 100 per cent sure whether I wanted to do medicine. [I liked] having that opportunity to do any undergraduate degree and explore my other interests, for example like zoology, before I then realised I did want to do medicine. UQ gave me that opportunity to do an undergrad and go straight into medicine without compromising that.

What are you looking forward to this year?
I wanted to branch out from university to start doing some more social events and exercise. We were looking around and the mountain club, for example, organises hikes almost every two weeks. Having that healthy balance of both university, study, social and exercise.

What are some struggles of university life?
I live with my parents in Fig Tree Pocket. The connectivity is quite terrible, so if I need to get to class at 8am, I need to leave at 6.30am by bus. Most days I drive and park close by … but I would like a direct bus.

Abbey George

Abbey George and new friend Amy Bidstrup are at UQ Market Day joining clubs and societies.

Abbey George and new friend Amy Bidstrup are at UQ Market Day joining clubs and societies.Credit: Jocelyn Garcia

Abbey George has moved from NSW to live at a campus college at St Lucia. She was eager to join clubs and societies relating to her career, and her interests of dance and French.

Why choose UQ?
I’m from Coffs Harbour and I chose to come to UQ just because I love the campus here. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the years, so it’s a really familiar city to me. I just love the vibes, love the people, and it has exactly what I need for my degree.

My degree is somewhat less common. I’m doing journalism and UQ is one of the only universities that offers a straight Bachelor of Journalism.

What are you most excited about?
For me, it’s pretty cliché, but just making new friends and having new beginnings and obviously reaching those goals with my career and studies as well. I didn’t know anyone and had to throw myself into the deep end.

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