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Weather Forecast for Palma, February 16th, 2024

Palmesanos can get ready for a day of cool weather with a peak of 16.22°C around mid-day. Don’t forget to bring your layers if you have plans in the early hours as the day sets off at a nippy 12.89°C.

Setting the Tone for the Day

The morning starts off a bit chilly with 13.36°C, but the temperature will slowly rise as the day progresses. The ‘real feel’ temperature in the morning will be a slight 13°C.

Counting on Comfort in Mid-Day

With the temperatures reaching their maximum for the day of 16.22°C, the city will see a slight increase in the warmth around the afternoon. In spite of the increase, we cannot rule out a moderate wind of 7.11 m/s with possible gusts of up to 10.55 m/s, which might make the maximum temperatures seem slightly cooler with a ‘real feel’ of 15.78°C. The direction of the wind will be 36°.

Into the Cool of the Evening and Night

As the sun begins to retire, the temperatures will follow suit with a comfortable 13.53°C in the evening followed by 13.03°C through the night. The anticipated ‘real feel’ temperature will be around 13.13°C in the evening and 12.61ºC by night, due to the increase in atmospheric pressure which will remain at 1018 hPa.

Cloud Coverage and Chances of Rain

With the skies expected to be over 99% cloud-covered, we can expect grey skies throughout the day. However, it looks like the rain-coats can safely stay at home, as the chance of rain remains at a low 0%. The average humidity will stay at around 72%, making for a fresh winter feel.

Stay warm and make the most of the day, Palma!

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