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We welcome Home Secretary’s ban on masks at hate marches – but will timid cops enforce it? – The Sun

Hate unmasked

HATE marchers have had it their way far, far too long.

Flare-throwing pro-Hamas thugs, their masked faces hidden from cops or cameras, intimidate the public and spread their lies and racism with impunity.

We welcome the Home Secretary’s ban on masks and flares at protests


We welcome the Home Secretary’s ban on masks and flares at protestsCredit: Alamy

Britain is sick of it. So we welcome the Home Secretary’s ban on masks and flares at protests.

But tough talk means nothing if the police won’t enforce it.

The Met, especially, has proven far too timid since the Gaza marches — rife with anti-Semitism — began.

Even with this new mandate from James Cleverly, are cops likely to wade in tearing off masks and balaclavas and handcuffing offenders? We doubt it.

So have your next move ready, Home Secretary.

Killer’s dole

VALDO Calocane will be fed, clothed and warmed by taxpayers — perhaps for life.

It is obscene that we ALSO pay the ­triple killer £360 a month in benefits. And it’s yet another insult to the victims’ families, still reeling from his murder charges being downgraded.

They were comprehensively failed by the system — only to see it hand Calocane the cushiest possible time AND now generous handouts.

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride is right to review the absurd granting of dole money to dangerous criminals in secure hospitals.

How is it fair to those whose lives they tore apart . . . or to the hard-up public?

Dodgy Davey

IS there no limit to Ed Davey’s ducking, diving and buck-passing over his woeful handling of the Post Office scandal?

Everything was someone else’s fault.

Yes, the Lib Dem leader refused to meet whistleblower Alan Bates while Post Office Minister in 2010 because he thought it was pointless.

But he claims that he was poorly advised. That the Post Office lied to him. And that he did finally do the right thing and saw Mr Bates months later.

Except we now know he did so after aides warned him about bad publicity.

The impression is of a weak, incurious, gullible plodder easily led by officials.

And yet, if he gets his way, he’ll be pivotal in a Lib-Lab Coalition Government.

Brew are ya?

THE Tories rail against the nanny state. Then their Foreign Office warns the public that German beer is, wait for it, strong.

Are Whitehall officials really so clueless as to think footy fans will go easy on the bevvies at the Euros because meddling civil servants told them to?

What’s the next laughable edict?

How many giant bratwurst we’re allowed to scoff on a healthy, balanced diet?

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