Home Spanish News Urgent work to get underway on San Miguel Bridge

Urgent work to get underway on San Miguel Bridge

Urgent work to get underway on San Miguel Bridge

The Department of Environment of the Generalitat Valenciana has urgently awarded Pavasal the works for the reconstruction of the CV-95 bridge on Rambla Lo Quiles in San Miguel de Salinas at a cost of 2,689,301.13 euros. This comes just a few months after the San Miguel Neighbourhood Association denounced the dangerous condition of the bridge, with significant cracks and sinkholes that are visible from the bridge itself, at the foot of the road.

Repairing the bridge is more expensive than tearing it down and building it from scratch. When the Department received photographs of the state of the bridge, it commissioned a report from Civis Consultores to determine the state of this infrastructure. The report determined that “the structure of the bridge has suffered serious structural damage” so “given the current circumstances and the danger to the integrity of the bridge, an urgent contract has been awarded which is expected to get underway sometime this week.

The contract has been awarded as an emergency because “the deterioration is of such magnitude that there is a certain risk that a collapse of the bridge could occur, so it is necessary to undertake major works for the construction of a “new bridge on an emergency basis. This also consists of diverting passage through the CV-95 bridge to guarantee drivers’ access to the road safe conditions.”

There is still the pending issue, however, of where traffic will be diverted at this point on the CV-95, one of the busiest in the region as it connects Orihuela with Torrevieja and, therefore, a multitude of other towns in the region between these two municipalities.


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