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February 2

Hi, reading the comments in last week’s paper about the TV Guide, I guess almost everyone is in agreement; the changes are rubbish. It might be better presented and neater, but there is much less information than before. The important thing is, what do you intend to do about it?

Rob Smith,

February 3

Reference the above, after 40 years I have today bought my last CBN. Impossible to read and no information. Very disappointing.

Christine Barber

Dear readers, we are grateful for the feedback that you have provided and realise that mistakes have been made and this is not what you want. We want to make sure that you have the TV Guide which fits your needs. You will also have noticed that there are fewer pages – only one page per day, when previously there were two. The reduction is due to increased printing and production costs.

In order to provide the guide that you want, we are asking you to email us and tell us which are the most important channels for you – and which are the ones that you don’t watch and could therefore be removed to create more space.

This will allow us to print the additional information that is important for you when you are deciding which programmes you want to watch.

Please send your emails to djones@cbnews.es

The Editor

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