Home European News Transit transportation between Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye simplified

Transit transportation between Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye simplified

Transit transportation between Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye simplified

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan, February 14. Transit
transportation between Kyrgyzstan and Türkiye can now be conducted
without obtaining international permits, Trend reports.

According to the Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan, this was
achieved through the signing of a protocol amending the agreement
on the international road corridor between the Government of the
Kyrgyz Republic and the Government of the Republic of Türkiye,
signed on April 28, 1992.

The signing took place within the framework of the 11th meeting
of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Intergovernmental Commission, which was held
in Ankara, Türkiye.

“As a result of this cooperation with the Turkish government,
carriers from both countries will enjoy advantages in bilateral and
transit transportation of goods from Kyrgyzstan to Türkiye and from
Türkiye to Kyrgyzstan without obtaining international permits. This
significantly promotes trade between the two countries and
contributes to the sustainable development of the economy,” the
ministry’s statement reads.

It is noted that this historic event is considered a major
achievement, particularly in the transportation sector, further
strengthening the friendship between the two fraternal


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