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The Tories are finished, so it’s Prime Minister Starmer in a few months’ time

The Tories are finished, so it’s Prime Minister Starmer in a few months’ time

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April 1

The Tories will not win the coming General Election.

They’ve made a complete mess in their 14 years in power. It’s painful to say it but their dreadful legacy is a UK that is deeply divided, profoundly ill at ease, failing in public services, and militarily and economically in deep decline.

They completely botched Brexit, more than doubled the national debt to near three trillion and the army would not now fill a football stadium.

But with the General Election soon upon us, both main political parties are already in serious campaigning mode, boring people to death with their overly rehearsed and constantly repeated ‘Catchphrases’ and ‘Slogans’.

Every Tory speech, media article or interview now includes…”the economy is turning the corner”, “fiscal headroom for tax cuts”, “we’re bringing taxes down”, “we have a plan, Labour have no plan”, “a vote for Reform is a vote for Labour”… etc. etc.

Every Labour speech, media article or interview now includes “14 years of Tory failure”, “need for change”, “all our plans have been rigorously costed and are affordable”, “Labour representing working people “, ” the country needs an election now”… etc. etc.

If you believe anything that the Tories or Labour are currently claiming they’ll do if elected, then someone needs to contact you to sell you a dodgy secondhand car. Or, to borrow a phrase from climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg: “It’s all just Blah, Blah, Blah…”. The sad truth is it looks like the two main parties just want to be in power, enjoying the chauffeur driven cars, making hollow speeches on the world stage, and generally mixing with the rich and powerful, etc.

That leaves the Lib Dems, the Greens and Reform. The Lib Dems will probably get more protest votes this time and gain a few MPs, the Greens will get a creditable percentage of votes but only a couple of MPs, and Reform will also get a creditable percentage of votes but probably less than a dozen, if any, MPs. Reform’s most impressive and articulate candidate, Ben Habib, could not win a recent by-election, so it does not augur well for them.

So, if the Tories have made such a mess why wouldn’t it be a good thing for Labour to have a go? Well, Labour is putting on a facade of unity at the moment to gain electoral success.

The real Left and the Trade Union paymasters of Labour haven’t gone away, they’re just keeping quiet for now. But when the election is won by Labour, as it will be, then the Left of the party will have no reason to hold back and will come back to the fore. In truth, the Labour Party is as deeply divided as the Tories, and the coming Labour government is likely to be just as wracked by profound debilitating divisions as the Tories have been.

We may even have one of those changes of Prime Minister during the next Labour government that became so popular with the Tories. But this time we won’t be back to a working class ‘Beer and Sandwiches’ in Number 10 for Labour’s leaders and backers as used to be the case. Instead it will be croissants, caviar and a fine Chateau Lafite wine… they’re all millionaires now just like the Tories. After the debacle of Tory failure it would have been great to have been able to vote for Labour this time, but they have nothing significant to offer.

Like it or not, it’s going to be Prime Minister Starmer. But during the campaign, probably the Monster Raving Looney Party have the best idea in their manifesto… “All political and electoral leaflets should be printed on soft paper so that they may be recycled in an appropriate way.”

Maybe that sums it up.


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