Home UK News The Simpsons makes its eeriest prediction yet to the exact date

The Simpsons makes its eeriest prediction yet to the exact date

The Simpsons makes its eeriest prediction yet to the exact date

The Simpsons fans just uncovered their eeriest prediction yet (Picture: Fox)

Fans are convinced that The Simpsons writers have secret access to a time machine, after another eerie prediction came true on the exact date.

Long time viewers are used to the creators somehow correctly guessing some of the biggest world events, including Donald Trump’s presidency, parts of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the World Cup winners and even last year’s Titanic submersible tragedy.

However, social media users have spotted that they somehow managed to anticipate that North Carolina State would play Duke as part of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament on Sunday.

In the season 27 premiere, Every Man’s Dream – which aired on September 27, 2015 – Homer battled with narcolepsy and took steps to improve his marriage to Marge by behaving for the entirety of March.

A scene making the rounds on Twitter saw the family sitting down at the dining table on March 31, while the homemaker praised her husband for lasting the month without embarrassing himself.

In particular, she flagged his ‘impeccable behavior watching the NCAA basketball tournament’, as he popped up on screen wearing a blue T-shirt emblazoned with Duke, while waving a red NC State pennant.

Homer wearing a Duke t-shirt and holding North Carolina State flag (Picture: Fox)
NC State ended up beating Duke on March 31 (Picture: Fox)

At one point, he even covered the Duke logo with the pennant during a conversation with his kids.

Side note: Homer probably wishes he got a bigger flag as NC State ended up beating Duke 76-64…

Although this ended up being a dream within a dream, within a tattoo of Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath from Girls, viewers couldn’t get their shock over the prediction coming true on the exact date that NC State and Duke met in the tournament.

Flocking to Twitter, Cory Smith posted a clip of the scene, explaining: ‘The whole Simpsons thing with NC State and Duke? Yeah, it goes a little deeper. @s_t_editz found the clip … check the date at the beginning.’

A user known only as Hoodie quipped: ‘So that explains this once in a lifetime run from NC State.’

Yubo Wang agreed: ‘At this point, we’re just living inside a Simpsons episode.’

‘Simpsons creator Matt Groening has a time machine. Like seriously, period, either that or he’s an alien,’ NoMo X suggested.

As Matthew C said: ‘Okay, this may be the most insane Simpsons prediction EVER!’

Fans on social media couldn’t get enough of the prediction (Picture: Fox)

Larry Allen added: ‘This should be all the proof needed that there is a time traveler working within the production staff of The Simpsons.

‘Date shown is March 31st, Marge mentions Easter, March Madness, and Homer is wearing a Duke shirt while holding an NC State pennant.’

Honestly, we’re starting to believe that ourselves…

Co-creator Al Jean previously unpacked the wild predictions in a chat with Metro.co.uk, pouring cold water on speculation that they have a time machine gathering dust.

What will Homer and co guess next?! (Picture: Fox)

‘Most of the other things like Trump being President or Brazil winning the world cup are educated guesses,’ he told us when asked about the guesses. ‘Trump was considering being President back in the 90s.

‘We wanted Germany to win because we went to Brazil to lose and Germany was the next best bet for the World Cup.

‘So, a lot of the things that we predicted are just, unfortunately, things you could see coming.’

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