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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 9-11 February 2024 • The Canary News

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 9-11 February 2024 • The Canary News

The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is experiencing a special edition in 2024: returning to its origins, the La Isleta neighbourhood, with a look to the past and seeking to recover the essence of Carnival, experiencing party in the streets. Thus, although the location has been determined by the ongoing process of transformation that the city is experiencing and the works of the Guagua Metro, the selection of the location underlines the condition of a popular festival and the most deeply rooted feeling of the carnival-goers.

La feria de Cochitos”, a Fun Fair with its large Ferris wheel, attractions, and stalls can be found in the area around the Plaza de La LuzOpening hours:🔹Monday to Thursday: 16:00-22:00🔹Friday and eve (Monday 12.2.) of the “Martes de Carnaval”: 16:00-02:00🔹Saturday: 10:00-02:00🔹Sunday and “Martes de Carnaval” (bank holiday): 10:00-22:00 

The Manuel Becerra area has 20 drink stands and in the Plaza de Los Patos there are nine beach bars installed as well as the four that are operating in Belén María.
The food stalls amount to nine both in Manuel Becerra and in the Plaza de Los Patos, two in the amusement fair, and four in Belén María.
In addition, there are six candy stands around the venue and there are another three at the fair.


• The main venue/stage is on Plaza de Belén María for all the galas
• All events are with free entry unless otherwise stated *** Ticket event***

at 21:30 Queen’s Gala
***Ticket event***
13 candidates will compete for the title on the stage that is built in the Belén María venue.

23:30-04:00 The Great Carnival Night in the three spaces dedicated to the party, the Parque de los Patos, the location of the beach bars; the Manuel Becerra square, with an alternative scene; and the Belén María stage itself, as the main venue for the Carnivals.
The stars of Belén María will be Tonny Tun Tun, the DJ Tony Bob and the La Mekánica by Tamarindos orchestra.
The DJs at the Manuel Becerra plaza will be Abián Reyes and Dj Sammyto; and the protagonists of Los Patos park will be DJ Ulises Acosta and Alex Mercurio.

at 12:00 The carnival parade with the contestants
The route that the traditional characters, the different groups (murgas and troupes), the Children’s Queen, the Grand Lady, and the Queen will undertake, as well as the 13 finalists of the Drag Queen Gala will go from Doramas Park to Pío XII Street, and will pass through the Central Market and will end at Mesa y López.

16:00-21:00 Daytime Carnival in La Isleta with children’s groups, troupes, and more musical performances in all the spaces reserved for the party. Some children’s murgas, also Despitadas (murga winner of the first prize for costumes) and Los Nietos de Sarymanchez (winner of the first prize for interpretation) and the Baracoa troupe (winner of the first prize for costumes) will take to the main stage as well as Línea Dj.

Likewise, Grupo Acuarela and Aitor Cruz will perform on the stage located in the Plaza de Manuel Becerra and Salsa7 and Furia Joven will do so in what is known as Plaza de Los Patos.

21:00-04:00 The Great Carnival Night 
The Arena Group and the DJs Ray López and Estro are entertaining in Belén María
Ritmo Bakano, Dj Promaster, Leyenda Joven and Dj Aythami Campos, in Manuel Becerra
Lady’s, Línea Dj and Triangals in Los Patos park.

at 11:00 Children’s choreography carnival
The Carnival quarry will once again demonstrate their talent on the stage of the festival in an energetic meeting in which the members of around twenty dance academies on the Island will gather. Specifically, 3 boys and girls will show their choreographies individually. and two as a couple; as well as 41 groups will participate.

at 17:00 Meeting of the comparasas and batucadas (lively gettogether with the music groups)
From Paseo de Las Canteras (Casa Roja) to Plaza Ing. Manuel Becerra. Sunday afternoon will start with the rhythm of batucadas and comparsas. Joy and colour will fill the surroundings of Las Canteras.

Tuesday 13 February:

at 12:00 The children’s parade from Parque Santa Catalina to Manuel Berecca
14:00-22:00 Family carnival celebrations


“It’s good to remember that an event of this scale will also mean some traffic jams, road closures and parking prohibition during the celebrations. “


Join the fun and experience a day full of colour and fantasy with Children’s Carnival at Triana shopping district in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

From 11:00 to 14:00 you can find various craft workshops for the little ones in the family and carnival makeup and face painting areas on the streets of the Open Commercial Zone. In addition, the Rafaelillo Clown and his show “Cabaret” and of course,  a very lively carnival mini-disco suitable for the whole family.

17:30 to 20:30, the “Carnivals of the World” Parade, starting in the purest Afro-Caribbean style with an exhibition of capoeira and samba (17:30-18:30), continues with a spectacular show from Brazil (18:30-19:30) and ends in the purest style of the Venice Carnival (19:30-20:30) as a finishing touch to a carnival day.



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