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St Peter’s Baldachin to be restored for Jubilee 2025

First restoration of Baldachin since the 18th century.

St Peter’s Baldachin, the gilded bronze canopy that towers over the Vatican basilica’s high altar, is being restored for the first time in 250 years.

Designed by Baroque master Gian Lorenzo Bernini exactly four centuries ago, the Baldachin was commissioned by Pope Urban VII, with work starting in 1624 and finishing nine years later.

The restoration project, which will last about 10 months and cost €700,000, is being financed by the Order of the Knights of Columbus, the Vatican said.

The monument, almost 29 metres high and weighing 63 tons, was installed directly under the dome of the basilica to mark the location of Saint Peter’s tomb underneath.

In the creation of the Baldachin, Bernini worked alongside his father Pietro and his brother Luigi, and was also assisted by his rival Francesco Borromini.

The Vatican said that the restoration project will be completed in time for Jubilee Year 2025 and will not affect the liturgical celebrations of Pope Francis in the basilica.

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