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Reddit relationship drama goes viral as woman ditches date who lied to her about his age

More than 3,000 people have commented so far and over 7,300 have rendered their reactions to a relationship drama that has touched a chord on social media. 

“I met a guy online, claimed to be four years older than me but no big deal, I’m 24,” wrote a woman this weekend. 

“We were interested in the same things and got along well,” wrote the woman, going by the username “Defiant-Box9928.”

“So,” she added, “we decided to meet for a drink last weekend.”

She posted her story on the Reddit page known as “Am I wrong?” — a popular site for sharing personal dilemmas and seeking the thoughts and opinions of others.

She wrote that she “went to the bar and was looking for him.”

When she finally spotted him, “he looked different, older,” she said.

“I went over and met him,” she related — and told him that he “looks different than his picture.”

The woman shared that she “went to the bar and was looking” for the man she was supposed to meet. Nomad_Soul –

He replied, “Oh yeah, those pictures are a few years old,” the woman wrote about his response.

The woman said to him, according to her account, “But you’re 28, right?” 

He replied that “he was actually 42 ‘but age is just a number.’”

The woman said to others the situation she encountered at the bar left her feeling uneasy. NDABCREATIVITY –

The woman said that at that point, she “got the ick.”

So she told him she forgot her phone “in the car and left.”

She did not return.

After the woman told her story to a friend about how she left the bar abruptly, the friend did not support her actions Rachel Martin –

She continued in her account, “He messaged me asking where I was, and I said I went home, that I’m not into older guys or being lied to.”

The man replied that “I was shallow and that’s why he doesn’t say his real age,” she wrote. 

She added about what happened, “Honestly, I thought the whole thing was funny, so I told my friend.”

But her friend did not support her actions. 

“She said I [was] mean for just leaving a date and not even telling him, that maybe he was a nice guy, and I was being judgmental because of his age.”

However, the woman on Reddit added, “I’m not into guys that much older. People can do what they want, but it’s not for me.”

She ended by asking others on the platform, “Am I wrong for leaving?”

A top comment posted about the dilemma was this: “If [age] is just a number, then why lie about it? You’re not wrong. Good for you for leaving.”

That comment received some 2,700 “upvotes.”

Another person wrote on that same thread, “And why is he seeking out much younger women instead of women his own age, if age is just a number?”

Yet another commenter rendered this verdict: “Never feel bad about putting your safety first. People will say you should be polite or whatever they might feel is socially acceptable. When young women are faced with situations where their ‘spidey senses’ start tingling, it’s not the time to be polite. That is the time to find the exit, quick!”

This additional response summed up the feelings of others as well: “Good for you for not wasting time on someone who will show you on the first date that they don’t have a reasonable moral compass.”

Finally, this comment raised a point that others had not: “Your friend is not looking out for you. I would not take her advice in the future. Why does she care more about some guy who is clearly waving bright red flags than she cares about you?”

The same person added, “Is she not aware that this is potentially a dangerous situation? And you were COMPLETELY right to ditch this guy. Good for you for getting out of there ASAP.”

Fox News Digital attempted to reach the original poster for additional updates.

In further comments she posted to others about what happened, the woman stood by her actions, clarifying, “If I had known his age, I wouldn’t have met up with him to begin with.”

Author Amy K. Stanton, in a piece published on Medium a few years ago, wrote, “Our intuition is always trying to tell us something, if only we would listen.”

Added Stanton, a California-based entrepreneur, “But too often, we don’t. We drown it out by overanalyzing or second-guessing. We dismiss intuitive feelings as ‘unreliable,’ ‘silly,’ or even ‘witchy.’ Eventually, our intuition becomes a muffled whisper we push further and further into the back of our minds.”

She also said, “This is a mistake — and a potentially life-changing one, because intuition is powerful.”

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