Home Spanish News Pets on the train in Mallorca, mind the ferret!

Pets on the train in Mallorca, mind the ferret!

Pets on the train in Mallorca, mind the ferret!

The Mallorca Railway Service (SFM) will, for first time, allow dogs and other pets to travel on the trains and the metro from early March.

The initiative, which has been agreed by the SFM Board of Directors, will allow passengers to travel on the train and metro with small pets, such as dogs, cats, ferrets and small birds (not poultry).

Among the measures of the regulation, it is established that people using the trains and subway with pets must use the last carriage of the train.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled, or in carriers, while cats, ferrets and small birds must travel inside specific carriers or receptacles.

In addition, all dogs must have the corresponding identification microchip.
Reptiles, spiders or insects, as well as dogs on the list of potentially dangerous animals, will not be allowed.

In relation to guide dogs accompanying blind or visually impaired persons, the regulation specifies that their access is allowed without any restriction whatsoever. The same applies to dogs trained for personal assistance and accompanying people with disabilities and guide dogs undergoing training, which must be accompanied by their handlers.

The travel of pets on the train and the subway will be free of charge except in the case of larger animals that cannot use a carrier due to their size, in which a travel ticket must be paid.

Likewise, all personal assistance dogs (guide dogs, dogs trained for personal assistance and guide dogs in the process of training) are excluded from the travel pass.

SFM recommends users to avoid peak travel hours to facilitate the coexistence between users and pets and to avoid proximity to other users when they feel fear or discomfort in the presence of the animal. Therefore, the distance between the animal carrier and the pet shall not exceed half a metre.


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