Home Spanish News Partner Imprisoned & Raped Girlfriend In Cellar ⋆ Madrid Metropolitan

Partner Imprisoned & Raped Girlfriend In Cellar ⋆ Madrid Metropolitan

Partner Imprisoned & Raped Girlfriend In Cellar ⋆ Madrid Metropolitan

A man in Madrid has been arrested for binding his partner with cable ties, locking her up in the cellar for hours and repeatedly raping and assaulting her.

The footage shows the police investigating the room where the woman was allegedly held, with the images showing it full of rubbish and only accessible by a narrow set of wooden steps.

The images also show the suspect having his fingerprints taken while being taken into custody by the Spanish Civil Guard.

The unnamed suspect, aged 50, was arrested in Madrid for sexual assault, illegal detention, causing injuries, and physical and psychological abuse, among other charges.

The authorities in Madrid began investigating after they received a complaint at the Villalbilla barracks in Madrid, in which a woman stated that she had been held with cable ties on a farm, where she was sexually and physically attacked by her partner.

The victim had wounds and marks on different parts of her body, according to local media.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish Guardia Civil on 1st February saying: “We have arrested in Madrid a man who sexually assaulted and held his partner with cable ties in a cellar.

“The victim was held for several hours, with her hands and feet tied, until she was able to cut the cable ties and escape to ask for help.”

Local media reported that the police interviewed the woman in hospital and learned that she had had an abortion days before, with doctors saying that that is when the beatings began.

The police investigated the farm and found a small underground room that matched the description which had been given to them by the victim.

Police reportedly found a number of cable ties, knives and an air rifle in the room, which they described as unhealthy and cluttered with rubbish and other objects.

The 50-year-old suspect reportedly has an extensive criminal record and was remanded in custody pending the outcome of the investigation.




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