Monday, March 4, 2024

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Netanyahu rival Benny Gantz to meet US leaders | Israel War on Gaza News

Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz is set to meet senior Biden administration officials on his visit to the United States. The proposed meeting of Gantz,...

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Hungary’s Ukrainian refugees in two minds as relations sour

Ukrainian refugees are struggling to accommodate the kindness of individual Hungarians with the nationalist government's pro-Russia rhetoric.Far fewer refugees settled in Hungary than in...

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SNL mocks ‘ridiculousness’ of White House democrats: ‘They don’t have to parody Jean-Pierre in order to parody her’

Fox News contributor Joey Jones said on Sunday, comedy shows like "Saturday Night Live" don't have to parody White House press secretary Karine...

Chris Mortensen, NFL reporter for ESPN, dies at age 72

Chris Mortensen, the award-winning journalist who covered the NFL for close to four decades, including 32 as a senior analyst at ESPN, died Sunday...

Kacey Musgraves is horrified as she suffers wardrobe malfunction during ‘SNL’ performance

Kacey Musgraves revealed she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her “Saturday Night Live” appearance. The country singer took to X (formerly known as Twitter)...

Teens Break into Unfinished Los Angeles Clippers Stadium

A pair of teenage TikTokers have gone viral and outraged local officials for breaking into the new under-construction arena for the Los Angeles Clippers...

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