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Marxal: If it’s Saturday it must be pigs’ trotters!

Marxal: If it’s Saturday it must be pigs’ trotters!

And not only that but tripe, eels and fried fish, for an authentic trip down memory lane. But only on Saturdays, and only until 12 am.

Eels…not jellied, sorry

You might not expect much success with such fare, and yet, every Saturday morning the Marxal restaurant is packed with punters.

It’s situated in an industrial estate and caters to workers who want a copious meal and a bellyful of wine before going back to their factories as part of the lumpen proletariat that keep the country functioning.

In a large room with photos of Valencia how it used to look, especially the central market and railway station, el Marxal, located in the village of Museros, just north of the city, provides a burgeoning traditional food market with traditional dishes at more than reasonable prices.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s mostly men, dressed in suitably Ragged Trousered Philanthropist clothing, and the noise level is frankly excessive, but when men are given what they want, a bellyful of food and the freedom to express themselves, then who in their right mind would complain.

As well as the main dishes, peanuts and olives are a compulsory part of the experience with no extra cost, and the wine is served in decanters, so you have no idea what you are drinking, and let’s face it, only a wimp would worry anyway.

Marxal can be found, just follow the noise, at Avinguda Lluís Santàngel, 3, next to the sofa shop.


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