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Mark Levin Rips Biden ‘Failed Appeasement Policy’

Mark Levin Rips Biden ‘Failed Appeasement Policy’

Saturday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel, syndicated radio talker and Fox News Channel host Mark Levin called in from Israel to rip the Biden administration.

Levin blamed Biden foreign policy, which he said enabled Iran and weakened Israel’s ability to ward off an Iranian threat, as Iran was launching an attack on Israel.

“[T]he American people need to understand — when Donald Trump was president, Iran wasn’t capable of doing this,” he said. “Joe Biden, [Antony] Blinken poured of $100 billion into Iran directly and indirectly in a failed appeasement policy. We have paid for much of what’s taking place right now, including with Hezbollah, including with Hamas, including with the Houthis. We have American soldiers, sailors and airmen all in harm’s way — magnificent red-blooded American heroes. None of this had to happen, none of it. So, I sit here pissed off. That’s how I am.”

“[J]oe Biden is a ping pong ball,” Levin added. “He says, ‘I support Israel,’ but what if Israel decides, ‘You know, we’ve had enough of this. We cannot allow our citizens to keep running to basements every three days. And they keep picking off our people, left and right.’ You’re right, Hezbollah has 150,000 missiles. Are we just supposed to sit here? Would the United States sit here? I suspect what the Biden team is trying to figure out is how to keep a rein on Israel. And what the Israelis are trying to figure out is how are we supposed to respond to this when we have to keep looking over our shoulders?”

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