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Madhav National Park Officials Stop Roadwork In Shivpuri

Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh): The officials of the Madhav National Park have stopped the work of Jhansi link road that was to connect the Kota-Jhansi four-lane highway from the Shivpuri airport, sources said.

Thousands of people use the road being built for Rs 20 crore, but the road is in ruins because of stoppage of work.

Because there is only one road in the area, the residents of Shivpuri, Karera, Pichhore and Khaniyandhana use it daily to reach the district headquarters.

To go from Shivpuri to Uttar Pradesh through Jhansi four-lane, one had to cross this road, but the work of this road has stopped for the past one month.

The Public World Department (PWD) started the 12.5km road. Once there was a road in the same place where the present one is being built, but it is being renovated and widened. A tender worth Rs 20.28 crore was issued for the work.

People facing problems

After the work stopped, the commuters are facing problems.

PWD officials said the work was going smoothly, but two months ago, the officials of the Madhav National Park reached the spot and asked the contractor to stop the work.

The officials of the park said that the work should be done with fresh permission.

The road through which thousands of people pass daily is in ruins these days.

Besides, many people go to Bankde Hanuman temple through this road on Tuesdays.

Executive engineer of PWD Dharmendra Singh Yadav said that the officials of the Madhav National Park stopped the work two months ago.

He further said that he had tried to speak to the officials of the park, but nobody was clear about what actually happened.

According to Yadav, an online application has been sent for restarting the work, but it came to naught.

The higher authorities have also been informed of it, he said, adding that the common man is facing a problem.

Because there are many big ditches on the 25.50km road, people have to take a lot of cautions to use it, he said.

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