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Labourer Dies, 3 Critical In Landslide At Ahmedabad Construction Site

Gujarat: Labourer Dies, 3 Critical In Landslide At Ahmedabad Construction Site | melvyn thomas

Maninagar: A tragic incident unfolded at a construction site in Maninagar’s Swaminarayan Colony on Wednesday morning, claiming the life of one labourer and leaving three others critically injured. The landslide, which occurred around 11:30 am, buried four construction workers at the site named Shreeji Elegance, undertaken by Shreeji Infra for a residential apartment complex.

According to the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade, one worker was pulled out by fellow labourers, while the remaining three were rescued by the fire brigade team and rushed to LG Hospital for immediate medical attention. All three rescued individuals are currently in an unconscious state.

While three laborers named Shantiben, Payalben and Chirag are in critical condition at the LG Hospital, the deceased labourer is yet to be identified.

“We received a call around 11:30 am about a landslide at Shreeji Elegance in Maninagar, where four people were buried,” informed Ahmedabad Fire Brigade Deputy Fire Officer Om Jadeja. “Our team successfully rescued three individuals and sent them for treatment. Unfortunately, one worker succumbed to the injuries.” Adding to the gravity of the situation, Jadeja further stated, “Upon reaching the construction site, we couldn’t locate any responsible person from Shreeji Infra.”

Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the landslide and ascertain potential safety lapses at the construction site. The authorities are also searching for the representatives of Shreeji Infra to hold them accountable for the incident and ensure proper medical care for the injured workers.

“This unfortunate event highlights the crucial need for stricter safety regulations and enforcement at construction sites to prevent such tragedies from occurring. The well-being of construction workers and adherence to safety protocols must be prioritized to ensure a secure work environment for all” said a senior fire brigade officer.

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