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Jesse Baird, ex-Qantas flight attendant missing; Paddington crime scene declared

“Their final movements are still under investigation,” Radmore said.

She said police could not yet say if one or both of the men had met with foul play. Neither have contacted friends or family since Monday.

An occasional presenter on the now-defunct Studio Ten and now an AFL goal umpire, Baird’s Instagram shows him on red carpets and with celebrities both local – Sarah Harris, Matt Preston – and global – Hanson. His partner Davies regularly uploads pictures from all corners of the world such as Canada, Japan and Samoa.

Their relationship also features heavily in each of the men’s online presence – days ago, Baird, 26, uploaded an image of the duo at a Pink concert, with a visit to a Hunter Valley winery a fortnight ago.

“Perfect start to the long weekend,” Davies, 29, captioned a picture of the duo shirtless at the top of the Palm Beach lighthouse walk.

That picture-perfect image was shattered on Monday morning, when neighbours heard loud arguing from the Paddington terrace that Baird shares with flatmates. The Herald is not suggesting that any of the flatmates have anything to do with the disappearance.

Officers also attended Davies’ Waterloo home, where they found no trace of him.

Davies has not turned up to work for Qantas, and Baird failed to appear for the “match simulation” between the Swans and GWS on Thursday morning.

Detectives have seized two cars from Paddington – one belonging to each missing man – and another from an undisclosed location. They will now begin the painstaking task of compiling CCTV and combing through phone records to document the couple’s last moments.

Luke Davies (left) and Jesse Baird.

Luke Davies (left) and Jesse Baird.

“Our primary lines of inquiry currently are in regards to the whereabouts of Jesse and Luke. So if anyone knows where they are, please contact us,” Radmore said.

Neither man was previously known to police, and Radmore said there were no signs of anything amiss in their relationship.

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