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Ízbor & Nigüelas Rockslides | Costa Tropical Gazette News

Ízbor & Nigüelas Rockslides | Costa Tropical Gazette News

Both the hamlet of Ízbor and the village of Nigüelas have had problems with embankments coming down owing to the rainfall over the weekend.

GR VL Izbor RockslidewIn the case of Ízbor, which is a municipal dependency of El Pinar, some sections of hillside have become unstable because of the recent Los Guájares fire that destroyed vegetation that was anchoring soil.

Last year, it also suffered a flood in the Vega area. Now, following the heavy showers this Easter, rocks and soil have slid down, half blocking the access road, as well as affecting two houses.

The Mayor of El Pinar, Mercedes Moreno, explained that the first rockslides occurred on Saturday night, bringing down a large boulder.

Then on Sunday the surge in water in the river caused the bank above it to give way, leaving two dwellings close to the point where it gave way. The Town Hall asked the inhabitants of the dwellings to spend that night with friends or relatives, to be on the safe side.

Experts from the fire service say that there is no risk at the moment for villagers. Furthermore the Provincial Council and the Junta de Andalucía have studied the terrain.

GRA VL Niguelas RockslideThat same weekend, a steep, unstable, embankment above a parking area in Nigüelas, has been coming down, bit by bit. They Mayor was out yesterday morning to inspect the situation after workmen for the umpteenth time had cleared away the stones and soil .

In a recent interview with the Seaside Gazette she explained that the embankment is private property and that the Town Hall has written to the owner requesting that they do something about it, but to date, nothing has been done. Villagers are wary about leaving their cars in the parking area now.

She explained in the interview that if it becomes a serious danger then the Provincial Council will have to act and sort the problem out.

(News/Noticias: Izbor/Niguelas, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia – Ízbor photo: Ideal)


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