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ITV Benidorm shame | Costa News

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Feb 13

On January 9, I booked my car into APPLUS ITV Benidorm for its annual check. I was told earliest appointment was February 13, five weeks hence. OK I accepted that.

Today February 13, I attended at my appointed time. On my arrival I saw that there was a staff demonstration of some sort at the unit. I was approached by a member of staff, who checked off my matriculation and then told me that my ITV inspection was cancelled due to industrial action. I informed him that I was of reduced mobility, my car was necessary for my quality of life and pointed to my Spanish ‘Blue Badge’. He shrugged his shoulders and directed me to the office to make a new appointment.

After waiting for the best part of an hour, I eventually spoke to a lady member of staff. I handed her my documents explaining the situation. She showed no interest. I was in the process of showing her my ‘Tarjeta Acreditativa Grado de Discapacidad’ when she presented me with an appointment for March 25.

I do not know for absolute certainty but there were two taxis in line which I presume WERE being tested.

Fortunately, I have another form of transport, but unfortunately, I am unable to transport my wife’s wheelchair. 10 weeks for an ITV test ??? A very poor show in relation to the treatment of the disabled.

Yours etc.
Bill Easton

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