Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Indian Professionals In Silicon Valley Launch Initiative To Foster Innovations

Aimed at leveraging engineering as a powerful tool to address global challenges and improve the quality of life, a group of Indians in Silicon Valley has announced the formation of a global network of Indian professionals dedicated to fostering innovations.

Indian Professional Without Borders

As a non-profit entity in Silicon Valley, Indian Professional Without Borders is a global network of Indian-origin professionals dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and social impact through a shared heritage and commitment to excellence, according to a statement issued by them.

The official launch featured chief guest Dr K Srikar Reddy, Consul General of India at San Francisco and Shailendra Joshi, former chief secretary and advisor to the Telangana Gov delivered the keynote address.

“At ‘Indian Engineers Without Borders,’ we are committed to uniting Indian engineers and like-minded individuals worldwide,” said its co-founder Shachindra Nath.

‘Engineering as a powerful tool to address global challenges’

“Our goal is to leverage engineering as a powerful tool to address global challenges, improve the quality of life, and drive forward with innovation that has a lasting impact,” he said.

With 1,100 members and eight chapters across four continents, the launch marks the beginning of a significant journey towards engineering excellence and global collaboration, Nath said.

At the inaugural event, Indian Professional Without Borders, announced the 101 Days of AI Learning Festival, which promises to offer insights into AI and machine learning, providing valuable skills for seasoned professionals and newcomers to the tech landscape.

“In alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement at the GPAI Summit 2023 of a new AI mission to enhance sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and education, our festival aims to democratise AI education for a broad audience. This initiative is in sync with India’s stride towards technological innovation, underscoring the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future,” the media release said.

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