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I’m a mum, I’ve had a baby every year since 2009 – you better believe there’s another one on the way

A MUM of 10 has revealed how she managed to have a baby every year since 2009 and even has another on the way. 

Karissa Collins, 40, currently has three boys, and seven girls with their third baby due to arrive in August this year. 



better-believe-s-another-one-878354411Credit: TikTok

The mum homeschools her brood at their home in the US, and she will often document their lives on TikTok to their 309k followers. 

But this has left the family to be targeted by trolls. 

Whilst there has been discussion about the names picked for the kids – with people even comparing one of them to a ”hemorrhoid ointment” – the mum has recently come under fire for another reason.

The family’s Instagram page revealed that Karissa was trolled for having so many tots and teenagers.

Some people insisted the family had ”too many kids” and others even said that it should also ”be illegal” to raise such a large bunch.

However, Karissa is sure to not let them get her or her family down. 

In one video she uploaded to TikTok, she said: “Since my lifestyle and beliefs are so controversial…

“I’m sure we can all unify on the fact that our kids get a kick out of these words. Like why?”

But it’s not all negative, as other people often comment on how “gorgeous” and “beautiful” her family is. 

Karissa manages to look after and homeschool her kids, because her husband heads out to work to earn a living. 

Trolls told me I was selfish to keep trying for a girl when I have 9 boys but I ignored them, am pregnant with twins and my first princess is arriving in 7 weeks

What are her kids’ names and ages?

Karissa is mum to Anissa, 14 Andrae, 13, Annistan, eleven, Anjalie, ten, Andersyn, nine, Aynjel, seven, Ansyr, six, Anchor, four, Anthym, three and baby Armor, who is the latest of the kids to join the huge family.

Karissa previously posted a “thank you” message to her husband whilst praising all of his “hard word” he does for the family.

She wrote: “He’s the best father to our ten children! He works ALOT and he works hard yet still makes time with them his top priority [sic].

”He is invested in their interests. He doesn’t just sit on the couch and watch TV but he gets up and plays with them.”

Karissa also explained how “incredibly motivated and hard working” he is, and how he “never sleeps.” 

In 2015 they welcomed a girl, before going onto to have more children


In 2015 they welcomed a girl, before going onto to have more childrenCredit: TikTok
The family are set to welcome another baby in August this year


The family are set to welcome another baby in August this yearCredit: TikTok

She went on to say that he is the “first to wake and last to go to bed.” 

Karissa, who goes by the name of The Collins Kids on TikTok, currently has 5.5million likes on her account.

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