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I scored the best fashion thrift find – it was 95% off the retail price, people say they would ‘start levitating’

AN AVID thrifter has managed to score 95 percent off a streetwear brand sweat set.

She thrifted the sweatpants and hoodie, originally $195, for a tiny fraction of the price.

Jordan scored the "best thrift find" for just $9


Jordan scored the “best thrift find” for just $9Credit: Tiktok/jordanccunningham

Jordan (@jordanccunningham) shared her fashion deal with her TikTok followers.

Although the bargain hunter was used to browsing for steals in consignment and thrift stores, she was still shocked by the deal of a lifetime.

“The BEST thrift find,” she said.

Jordan showed off the $100 Fear of God Essential hoodie that she found at the thrift racks.

A few racks over, she even managed to find the matching $95 sweatpants.

Shocked viewers flooded her comments to ask the price that she paid for the clothing set.

“Omg, how were were these?” asked one viewer.

“$9 total,” Jordan revealed, adding an exploding brain emoji to convey her surprise.

Many of her viewers agreed that she had a great thrift trip.

“The way I would simply ascend,” said one envious viewer.

Others wished for the same luck that she had for their future thrift visits.

“God I see what you have done for others,” joked one commenter.

She picked up $195 Fear of God sweats and a hoodie for a fraction of the price


She picked up $195 Fear of God sweats and a hoodie for a fraction of the priceCredit: Tiktok/jordanccunningham

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