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He couldn’t save them. ‘I know they were scared to death’

Trevor McIsaac screamed for his kids.

“We’re here,” they cried from across the hall. Their mother was silent.


The back of the Derby Street townhome the day after a fatal fire on Dec. 29 that claimed four lives.


A memorial was left outside Trevor McIsaac’s home on the Mountain in the wake of a fatal fire in December that claimed four lives, including his two young children.

‘Extreme situation’


A memorial was set up outside the apartment on Melrose Avenue South where Kassie Chrysler and children Lambeau, 8, and Khaleesi, 7, lived. All three were supposed to go home on the evening of Dec. 29, but they died in a fire at dad Trevor McIsaac’s townhome on the Mountain.


Lambeau McIsaac, who, along with his sister, was among the four killed in a Dec. 29 fire on the Mountain, was a Grade 3 student at Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School.

Living is hard


Khaleesi McIsaac, who died in the fatal fire, was a Grade 2 student at Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School.

The night of the fire

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