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Goa Police On Bengaluru CEO Who Strangled Her Son

Goa Police On Bengaluru CEO Who Strangled Her Son

'Child Died Of Shock': Goa Police On Bengaluru CEO Who Strangled Her Son

New Delhi:

The chargesheet filed by Goa Police against the CEO of an AI start-up, accused of killing her four-year-old son at an apartment, reveals several chilling details of the gruesome murder. Suchana Seth faces charges of murdering her son in a Goa hotel room over a bitter custody battle with her husband.

Suchana Seth, 39, was arrested from Chitradurga in Karnataka on January 8, while she was traveling with her son’s body concealed in a bag.

The Calangute police presented a 642-page chargesheet against Seth in the Goa Children’s Court, detailing how she allegedly murdered her son and then tried to escape.

Here are 10 details mentioned in the chargesheet:

  1. Suchana Seth was involved in a bitter custody battle with her husband Venkat Raman. In a message on January 6, she told her estranged husband that he could meet the child the next day. But nobody was home in Bengaluru when he came over.
  2. Suchana Seth and her son had checked into a service apartment in Candolim on January 6, as she did not want the child to meet his father.
  3. Hotel staff grew suspicious when Seth, laden with an unusually heavy bag, checked out without her son, whose absence raised immediate alarms.
  4. When they went to her room, they found bloodstains and a handwritten note and immediately alerted the cops.
  5. In the note, she had written about her feud with her husband and the mental exhaustion due to the ongoing court proceedings.
  6. The note was written on tissue paper using an eyeliner. Handwriting experts have confirmed the authenticity of the note.
  7. Cops promptly contacted the taxi driver that she had booked and spoke to Seth. She claimed that she had left her son at a friend’s place in Madgaon and the stains in the hotel room were menstrual blood.
  8. After realising that she had provided them with a fake address, cops spoke to the taxi driver and instructed him to take her to the closest Aimangala Police Station.
  9. The child was smothered to death either with a piece of cloth or a pillow, the post-mortem revealed.
  10. According to officials, the child died of shock and respiratory asphyxia resulting from strangulation.


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