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France on the brink of explosion

France on the brink of explosion

With less than 5 months to go before the European elections (June 9) and the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11), all the indicators are red: debt, recession, unemployment. The social climate is stormy. The political atmosphere is unbreathable. Can we still avoid a social explosion?

The agricultural crisis has just shown the extent to which our country is “walking on its head”, as our farmers have expressed it by turning over the signs at the entrances to towns and villages. Because nothing is going right in our beautiful country. Not agriculture, not schools, not the police, not hospitals, not even politics, to whom we owe this generalized decline. How can we fail to see in the mediocrity of the political class, the origin of all our misfortunes? It has failed to foresee, anticipate, program… in short, to prepare the country for the shock of globalization, unfair competition and corruption in all sectors of the economy, now in the hands of powerful lobbies, not to say mafias.

Frozen chicken made in Ukraine for two years

The result? Our farmers are subjected to fussy, sometimes stupid, standards and regulations to produce quality agriculture, while at the same time we import cheap meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables stuffed with pesticides and GMOs banned in France.
The example of Ukraine is symptomatic. Public opinion has learned that to help Ukraine, which has been at war since February 2022, Europe – and therefore France – has lifted customs duties on imported agricultural products. That’s why poultry raised on huge farms (over 4 million animals per henhouse) belonging to billionaire Yuriy Kosiuk, CEO of Ukrainian giant MHP, is arriving on our plates. A truck from Ukraine was stopped at a farmers’ roadblock in Lorraine. It was carrying 40 tons of chicken that had been frozen for… two years! Bon appétit.

Vladimir Putin must be laughing

While farmers were demonstrating in defense of their meager livelihoods (although not all are on the same footing, of course), members of parliament had no hesitation in increasing their allowances by 300 euros, while senators gave themselves an extra 700 euros each month. An indecent provocation.
For neither our parliamentarians nor our executive are capable of governing France. That is, to steer the country as one steers a ship, knowing where one comes from and where one is going, using a rudder. But our leaders are amateurs who sail with the wind.
Case in point. Electricity went up another 10% on 1ᵉʳ February 2024. As for the price of gas, it has already risen sharply in recent years and will rise again in July 2024 by at least 10%. More and more industrialists, craftsmen and households are no longer able to cope with skyrocketing bills.
Vladimir Putin must be laughing at our difficulties. Remember that our ineffable Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, wanted to bring the Russian economy to its knees! Ah, the good man!

Gold medal for blunders

Need we mention the school and its folkloric minister AOC (Amélie Oudéa-Castéra), who holds the posts of Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, and Olympic and Paralympic Games… that’s quite a lot for someone who’s used to repeated blunders. As you’ll recall, the new Minister of National Education had just been appointed, and she alienated the teaching community. She justified the enrolment of her three sons at the Stanislas private Catholic school in Paris on the grounds that they had “bundles of hours” not replaced at the public school. That was the right thing to do!
Do we need to talk about the sharp rise in delinquency in our country? Uncontrolled immigration, managed by networks of smugglers? Medical deserts? Hospital bed shortages? Overcrowded emergency rooms?
Nothing makes sense anymore. France is drowned in Europe, itself run by lobbyists who often serve American interests. From the purchase of millions of doses of dangerous vaccines at a high price during the Covid-19 pandemic, to the economic sanctions imposed on Russia, it was American multinationals that profited from the windfall.
But it’s the people of Europe and France who have become poorer in the process. The French can’t take it anymore. The European elections could well mark a change of course. On the right, of course.

But why do the French want to leave France ?


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