Home Indian News Four Held For Abducting, Robbing Man At Gunpoint

Four Held For Abducting, Robbing Man At Gunpoint

Four Held For Abducting, Robbing Man At Gunpoint

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The Awadhpuri police claimed to have cracked a robbery case in which four persons abducted and robbed a youth of Rs 73,000 at gunpoint on January 26. All the accused have been arrested. According to Awadhpuri police, a man named Atharv Sharma, a resident of Jagdamba Arcade in Awadhpuri, approached the police on January 28. He told the police that he was heading to his house on foot when an SUV stopped near him.

Two persons sitting on the rear seat of the car pointed guns at him and told him to sit inside the car. After they pulled him inside, they blindfolded him and checked his bank balance in his mobile phone, in which they found Rs 1,800. After transferring the amount to their bank account, the accused told Sharma to arrange for more money, threatening to kill him if he failed to do so.

They also told him they would kill him and extract his kidney to procure money. Sharma called up his kin, as well as his friends, and arranged for Rs 73,000. The accused transferred the money to their wallets on Mahadev app, as well as the 91 Club app. They then left Sharma near the Khajuri village at around 3 am.

The police plunged into action and sifted through the CCTV footage, in which they spotted the SUV. They inquired about the driver, whose name they learnt was Subhash. He had gone to Ujjain.

As he came back on February 3, the police nabbed him from the Govindpura industrial area, and he confessed to committing the robbery with three of his friends named Shubham, Honey and Sachin. Later, his accomplices were also arrested on Monday, and all the knives, guns, as well as the car used to commit the crime were seized from their possession. Their bank accounts were frozen.


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