Home European News Expansion of road leading to Georgia border comes to completion (VIDEO)

Expansion of road leading to Georgia border comes to completion (VIDEO)

Expansion of road leading to Georgia border comes to completion (VIDEO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 9. The project to
expand the Baku-Alat-Gazakh highway, covering 130 km from Ganja to
the Georgian border, a key segment of the historic Great Silk Road,
is coming to a successful completion, said the State Agency of
Azerbaijan Automobile Roads (SAAAR), Trend reports.

As per the project specifications, the roadbed will have a total
width of 27.5 meters. The road surface will feature 4-6 lanes, each
spanning 3.75 meters in width.

“The construction of the Ganja-Gazakh-Georgian border highway
section is divided into three lots. The works on the first and
second lots, along with a portion of the third lot, have been
finished. On August 7, 2023, President Ilham Aliyev participated in
the inauguration of the 102-kilometer-long Ganja-Gazakhbeyli

The reconstruction of this section of the technical class 1b
road, in line with the “State Program of socio-economic development
of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2019-2023,”
involved the completion of 67 underpasses, 19 interchanges, and 17
bridges (36 units).

At present, construction is ongoing on the 28-kilometer stretch
of the Gazakhbeyli-Georgian border highway, specifically on the
102.2-130.15 km section of the project.

Currently, activities include laying a new ground layer,
constructing rock and granular bases, and building water pipes,
underpasses, and bridges. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to
establish crushed stone foundations and lay asphalt.

Along the stretch from 102 km to 130.150 km, construction
involves 4 road interchanges and overpasses, 2 river bridges, 14
underpasses, 13 rectangular water crossings, and 68 circular
drainage pipes. Additionally, 28 bus stops are being installed as
per the project requirements. Progress on artificial structures
stands at 74 percent completion, while overall construction works
have reached 90 percent.

Construction on the highway proceeds without disrupting
citizens’ travel, adhering to “Construction rules and regulations”
and under the supervision of SAAAR management, ensuring smooth and
unhindered movement.

The key Baku-Gazakh-Georgia border highway, integral to an
international transport corridor traversing Azerbaijan,
significantly fosters relations with Europe, Asia, and the Middle
East, contributing to both domestic and regional development.

Upon full project realization, this road, a segment of the
historic Great Silk Road traversing Azerbaijan from East to West
and vice versa, will significantly bolster international and
domestic road transportation between Europe and Asia,” the State
Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads said.

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