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Expanding Voting Rights for Brits in Spain • The Canary News

Expanding Voting Rights for Brits in Spain • The Canary News


The British Embassy, in collaboration with the Electoral Commission, an independent body overseeing UK elections, is actively spreading awareness among British residents in Spain about this pivotal change. The law empowers British citizens who have previously lived in or been registered to vote in the UK to participate in UK Parliament elections. Notably, the elimination of the time limit allows more British citizens in Spain to exercise their democratic right.

Registration for the expanded voting rights is a straightforward online process, accessible at www.gov.uk/registertovote. An essential aspect of the new law requires individuals to confirm their personal information every three years, ensuring the maintenance of an updated and accurate electoral register. British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, highlighted the positive impact, stating, “This law means that more British citizens living in Spain will now be eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary elections, which is good news.”

The registration process takes only five minutes, providing a hassle-free experience for eligible voters. Options for casting votes include by post or by proxy, offering flexibility to voters living abroad. Applicants are required to provide details of their last registered or resident address and the time spent in the UK. Local authorities will then verify the applicant’s identity and connection to the area, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

To assist voters living overseas, the Electoral Commission’s website offers additional information, including a postcode lookup tool to find contact details for the relevant local council. This streamlined approach facilitates communication between voters and electoral authorities, making the process more accessible for the Brits in Spain.

Expanded voting rights not only allow British citizens in Spain to participate in UK Parliament elections but also grant them the status of permissible donors to UK political parties and campaigners. This further underscores the significance of the new law in fostering democratic engagement and active involvement in the political process among the expatriate community.

This legislative change represents a positive step toward greater inclusivity and democratic participation for British citizens in Spain, aligning with the principles of the UK Government’s Election Act. The collaboration between the British Embassy in Madrid and the Electoral Commission aims to ensure that the British community will be well-informed about the expanded voting rights, encouraging eligible individuals to register and make their voices heard in UK general elections.

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