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Enough is Enough? | Costa Tropical Gazette News

A Polish couple in their 30s had to be rescued yesterday after attempting to reach the Pico de Mulhacén in sports trainers and without adequate clothing… in February.

GRA Rescue Team Running for the Chopper

Officers belonging to the Grupo de Rescate e Intervención en Montaña de La Guardia Civil (Greim) found them in the early hours and brought them down in a Guardia Civil helicopter.

But before they could bring them down, they had to wait for dawn and the arrival of the helicopter, so the team provided the 31-year-old woman and the 34-year-old man with food, something to drink and warm clothing in order to pass the winter night on a mountain top.

As mentioned above, in the morning with first light, the Guardia Civil, rescue helicopter arrived and flew them down to Hospital Universitario Clínico San Cecilio for a check up.

The emergency number 112 had received a call from the couple around five in the afternoon after one of them had suffered a fall, suffering slight injuries. So they stayed put and waited for help to arrive.

The emergency service first decided to send a helicopter to search for them but with dusk not far away, they decided instead to send in a team of three officers on foot.

Editorial comment: how can people be so stupid?

(News/Noticias: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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