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Discontent over TV guide changes

Discontent over TV guide changes

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January 26


I am writing to say how appalled I am by the new format of the TV guide. More than half of the programmes have no backup information… 17.30 The Repair Shop, repairing what? 23.50 The Graham Norton Show, guests? 16.00 A Place in the Sun, what place? 17.00 A New Life in the Sun, whose? Film 4 Comedy? Thriller? Sci-Fi?

How was it you decided that all the information that you have provided in the past is no longer required by your readers?

Was this decision taken in the interests of your readers? Of course not.

This follows on from the second fairly recent price increase. It would appear that your policy is to put up the price and cut down on the benefits. I think you have been consulting with the wrong marketing professional.

We buy the CBN mainly for the TV Guide, but now, if we must go online to Google to find out the contents of the programmes, then we must consider our options.

Anthony Holden

January 31

Heavens! What have you done to this supplement? Can hardly read what is printed.

Reduction in information on programmes. The price of your paper has increased considerably and all we get is reduction, reduction. Will spend 1.80 euro on colour TV guide in future.

Name withheld

Web comment

I really don’t like the new format of the TV guide. Remember the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” Old version much better.

Jan Adams

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