Home Spanish News Clara Gómez-Perretta: ‘I want to experience the excellence that LSE offers’

Clara Gómez-Perretta: ‘I want to experience the excellence that LSE offers’

Clara Gómez-Perretta: ‘I want to experience the excellence that LSE offers’

This former Caxton College student has been admitted to the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) to study a degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Business.

At the age of 12, she went on a trip to London with her parents and was very impressed by the city and its lifestyle. At that moment she knew she wanted to return there to study in the captivating urban landscape that represented the values and approach of the British education system she was so happily immersed in. What she could not imagine at the time was that her dream would be fulfilled in such a big way, and that one of the best academic institutions in the world, the London School of Economics, would open its doors to her, giving her the opportunity for a unique life experience in the capital of England. ‘It has been a long and stressful journey. But it has all been worth it. I have just started classes and the atmosphere is extremely motivating. In talking to my classmates, I can see that the academic and cultural level is very high. It’s very daunting, and sometimes even makes you have feelings of imposter syndrome, that you’re in a place you don’t deserve to be because you don’t measure up. On the other hand, though, it makes you want to get caught up in that excellence’.

But her modesty aside, Clara gained admission to LSE with excellent grades and an ‘exceptional attitude towards her studies, because she was always very responsible and worked hard to achieve the academic goals she set for herself’, recalls Cristina Pérez, Secondary Psychologist at Caxton College.

These clear aims for her future are once again evident in her first days at school in London. She says that she would like to work in the financial world in consulting or investment banking, since, especially in the latter professional field, applied mathematics is highly valued. ‘Programming and data analytics are part of the degree programme I have chosen and I consider them very important elements, because there are new developments in these areas that are changing jobs in this field, and I will be able to bring added value to my future career’.

This young Valencian is observing changes in these degree programmes, which for years have been male dominated. ‘I was surprised to see that approximately 50% of the students in my degree are female. Similarly, in other departments such as Data Science, there are already more female students than male students. I think a new trend is being set’.

Clara is the first Caxton College student to study at this prestigious British university founded in 1895, where nearly twenty Nobel prize winners have studied. ‘I feel very grateful to be here because, among other factors that have helped me, Caxton College is a very demanding school where excellence is rewarded. If you are serious and take advantage of the opportunities it offers you, you can come out of it very well prepared. Effort is recognised and rewarded, which in my opinion is very motivating. Teachers advise you very well and guide you towards the career that best suits your abilities. In addition, many of the activities they suggest help you to become more proactive and gain confidence. I would definitely say that they help you grow as an individual’.


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