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Chucky Choice Designs | Costa Tropical Gazette News

Chucky Choice Designs | Costa Tropical Gazette News

So, what has the incredibly talented Dave Darby been doing since he stepped back from his Editing duties at The Seaside Gazette? Well, writing this article for one thing, but recently he has started a bit of online selling.

PP Chucky Choice DesignsFirstly, he opened an Etsy shop and then created a website, both under the name Chucky Choice Designs. The webpage is well worth a look, although it is a work in progress. The website is hoping to sell mugs, t-shirts, bags and home furnishing items, all with original designs or Dave’s own photographs.

He is also trying to create a range of ‘expat items’ like cushions with Spanish and British flags on either side as well as other European flags combined with the Spanish one. Also, mugs, t-shirts, bags and phone cases along the same theme.

Likewise, the Etsy shop is still a work in progress, but if you take a look there’s nearly a 100 items already and hopefully over the next year or so the Etsy shop and the website will become even more user friendly.

Finally, on the website you will find Dave’s first blog post, which is nothing more than a humorous look at the life of an ageing expat trying to get on with life in Spain while health, financial constrictions and life in general try to screw him over. There’s even a video of him doing stand-up in Malaga.

Don’t forget, if you go onto Etsy, please leave a like or follow or whatever you’re supposed to do, even if you hate it! Thanks guys!

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