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Catch a Gravity Wave – Valencia International

Catch a Gravity Wave – Valencia International

From marine plastic to eco-designed products: Gravity Wave stands out for its innovative approach at Feria Hábitat in Valencia.

● Gravity Wave is one of the key guests of this event thanks to the innovative factor that distinguishes them in their circular economy model and their collection of materials with a sustainable design.
Following the presentation, the company will present circular design solutions made from fishing nets collected from seas and harbours.
● The Ágora nude will open its doors with this conference which will take place on 19 September 2023 at 11:00h in Pavilion 4 Level 3 of Valencia, located at Feria Hábitat València.

On 19 September 2023, the eagerly awaited Ágora nude will take place as part of Feria Hábitat València. The annual event for meeting and reflection on design and its culture is pleased to announce the participation of Gravity Wave, a company committed to social and environmental impact, as one of the main guests at this event. Gravity Wave specialises in collecting plastic waste from seas and harbours, which is then transformed into sustainable design products and materials. At 11:00h, they will have the honour of making the first presentation of the event.

The Gravity Wave presentation provides an exceptional opportunity to dive into the most relevant aspects of this innovative initiative. During the event, Vicente Varella, Head of Product Development, will give attendees the opportunity to explore the materials with a positive impact on the seas that Gravity Wave offers. In addition, the company will present how it has achieved traceability of every kilogram of fishing nets collected, thanks to Blockchain technology.One of the most anticipated moments of the presentation will be the presentation of sustainably designed products created from fishing nets collected from seas and harbours. This milestone represents a significant and groundbreaking breakthrough in the fight against marine plastic pollution and shows how creativity and sustainability can come together to create products that have a deeper, positive purpose and make a real impact.
This project has been carried out in close synergy with the Intercrea project, an innovative platform that encourages interaction between students from the Universitat Jaume I and renowned professionals from the design sector.This collaboration has resulted in the development of ideas and solutions that set a new horizon for sustainable and environmentally friendly design, as well as fostering the exchange of ideas and mutual enrichment between academia and the world of eco-design.

Vicente Varella, Product Manager at Gravity Wave, points out: “For us it is an opportunity to come into contact with professionals from the furniture and interior design sector and to be able to offer them alternative materials with a positive impact as well as their applications in the world of design”.
María Fontes, head of the nude show, says: “This conference fits in with one of the main themes of nude.In fact, in this very special edition, both the nude stand area and the contents of the Agora are focused on sustainability and the use of new materials that respect the environment”.
The Ágora Nude at Feria Hábitat promises to be the stage where sustainability, creativity and collaboration converge to create a brighter and more environmentally friendly future.Mark this date in your calendar and join Gravity Wave in this day that will mark a before and after in innovation within the design industry.About Gravity Wave
Gravity Wave is a social, circular economy and environmentally conscious company, driven to solve one of humanity’s greatest challenges: plastic pollution of seas and oceans.

They clean plastic from the seabed and transform it into designer products with a long life span and high sustainable value through a circular economy process. In addition, they prevent the plastic that is still being generated from ending up back in the waters, collaborating with fishermen, people, companies and organisations through the #Plasticfreeoceans movement.


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