Home USA News Brazilian Influencer, 19, Accuses Male Influencers of Drugging, Raping Her

Brazilian Influencer, 19, Accuses Male Influencers of Drugging, Raping Her

Brazilian Influencer, 19, Accuses Male Influencers of Drugging, Raping Her

A 19-year-old Brazilian social media influencer is calling for justice after saying she was drugged, beaten, and raped by a group of male influencers at a party.

Photos posted by Geovana Pontes on January 29 to her nearly 250,000 Instagram followers show her bloodied face alongside a caption calling for justice in Portuguese: “Justiça!!!”

Brazilian news outlet Record TV reported that the incident allegedly took place in the municipality of Igaratá, located in the state of São Paulo. 

Pontes told the station that she was invited to a party at a farm by the males, and was accompanied by a friend who was also allegedly attacked by the group.

“The influencer also says that she was drugged and forced to have sex with at least three boys who were on the farm,” the outlet reported in Portuguese. 

The young woman claimed the men locked her and her friend in a room before the sexual assaults. 

“There was no food, there was no signal, there was nothing. There was no way I could even get out. No one entered and no one left the house,” she told Record TV.

Pontes went on to describe how one of the men grabbed her neck “and punched me in the mouth.”

“It was at that moment that I fell with everything backwards, and two others were saying: ‘Yeah, it really hits. That’s it. That’s what you deserve.’”

That’s when she was raped, the teen influencer said. 

“‘I had sex without my consent. I was vulnerable. I didn’t know what was happening,” she recounted.

Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported that Pontes was drugged and assaulted by four men in total. 

“The young woman said in an interview with GLOBO that, after drinking, she felt strange and lost consciousness,” the outlet stated.

Sao Paulo Civil Police told the newspaper the case “is under investigation by the Igaratá Police Station.”

“Police requests were issued, and due to a new report of sexual abuse, another examination was requested from the Legal Medical Institute (LML),”  according to O Globo.

Pontes returned to social media on Tuesday to let her followers know the process to get justice is taking a long time. 

“There are people who think I’m the one doing justice,” she wrote in a post viewed by the Daily Mail. ‘I’m doing my part, but justice doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately.

“What do you want me to do? Hit the judge, the police, to solve my case? It’s not like that, everything is a process,” she added. 


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