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If you think you’re confused about what season we’re in, imagine the confusion in bee hives! The word’s gone out that it’s spring and to draw up flight plans.

GRA Salar Bees Nesting in Wall FB24

One resident of Salar has noticed quite a few thousand bees coming and going from a bees nest within the wall of his neighbour’s house, mere yards from his own, and it’s not the first time because for the last three springs, the same aerial activity fills the area around his home.

The said resident has a 76% physical handicap, mainly because of his arthritis; a condition that requires him getting plenty of time in the sun but… with Heathrow Airport sharing his garden, however, it’s a bit difficult.

He is also allergic to bee stings, so he’s just a tad nervous because of this apicultural presence.

Yet it’s not just him, but also his family living in this Dodge City atmosphere. Hell, even his dog has had a run in with them and come off the worse for wear, requiring veterinary attention.

The reason that the bees found his neighbours house so accessible is because the wall hasn’t be rendered and as Spanish brickwork goes, there are plenty of gaps. He’s complained to the Mayor of Salar, Armando Moya, and even asked the Loja fire service to come and remove them, but nobody has heeded his calls for help, he claims.

“The municipal police have contacted the house owner where the bees are located. The fire service will remove the nest and the property owner has pledged to have the wall rendered once the fire personnel have removed the nest,” explained the Mayor, when approached on the subject.

An expert bee keeper, who is often called upon to remove pesky bee nests or natural hives explained that bees are more and more building their nest/hive in towns because in the countryside there are very few trees with hollows in them and that as long as a wall is left just in bricks, the property is going to get bee and wasp nests.

He also mentioned that in his long career he had never seen bees leaving their hives at the very beginning of February.

(News/Noticias: Salar, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)


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