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Azerbaijani Ministry of Health explores broader co-op with UNICEF

Azerbaijani Ministry of Health explores broader co-op with UNICEF

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 21. The Ministry of
Health of Azerbaijan has held a meeting with the representative of
the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in
Azerbaijan Saja Farooq Abdullah predominantly discussing child
immunization efforts, the ministry told Trend.

The meeting focused on the development of a collaborative action
plan and the exploration of specific areas to support the execution
of immunization programs.

“Substantial progress has been made in our mutual cooperation
over the recent period. Successful implementation of various
projects has occurred across sectors such as healthcare and
education, mainly maternal and child health care,” the minister

Musayev said that the Ministry of Health is taking important
steps to improve the quality of services in the field of maternal
and child health care. The Minister also noted that vaccine
preparations were supplied to Azerbaijan by UNICEF. He expressed
confidence that Azerbaijan will continue to closely cooperate with

Abdullah, for his part, recalled that UNICEF began operations in
Azerbaijan in 1993.

“UNICEF is dedicated to close collaboration with the Azerbaijani
government to forge a brighter future for children, fostering
opportunities for their complete potential development,” she

Highly assessing the achieved level of partnership between
Azerbaijan and UNICEF, Abdullah noted that the cooperation program
for 2021–2025 serves as a basis for closer partnership.

The UNICEF representative in our country praised the swift and
proactive response of the Azerbaijani government to the local
measles outbreak, which began in late 2023 and persists to date.
Additionally, the representative commended the Ministry of Health’s
educational initiatives in addressing this situation.

In conclusion, the parties discussed collaboration on key

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