Monday, April 15, 2024

A Public Vote Deems Carlos Mazon is Not the Best President of Valencia in the Last Decade

Whilst the people of Galicia were enacting the democratic process in the elections, the people of Twitter (X) were invited to offer their opinion on the current president of the Valencia region, Carlos Mazon, of the PP.

The ES Diario publication of the Valencia Community asked their 4,800 plus followers to answer the question, is Carlos Mazon the best president of the last decade, with the instruction to retweet for yes, or like the post for no.

The post was shared by the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, retweeting it to his 4,000 followers, but even with his fellow-party supporter, on Sunday evening, there were 142 retweets (yes) and 372 likes (no), out of 13,000 views, thus meaning around twice as many people thought the answer was no.

By Monday evening, having clocked up over 15,000 views, the votes had rocketed with 158 retweets (yes), an increase of 16, and 398 likes (no), an increase of 26.

On Tuesday evening, with almost 16,000 views, the votes were 161 retweets (yes) and 401 likes (no), at which point we conclude the opinion poll.

Caveat: In the interest of simplicity, we are using the original language of Twitter, rather than confusing matters with the X terminology. Furthermore, Twitter is in no way a democratic platform, nor is it a true indicator of feelings or balance, but we thought is interesting to see how the balance of opinion is not necessarily always what it seems.

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